WIP. I am currently composing music for MIEGAKURE, a fascinating game that allows you to move in 4 different spatial dimensions to solve puzzles. This ability creates very interesting technical challenges when writing the music given different musical spaces are often sounding simultaneously…the solution: 4-D counterpoint!

In collaboartion with: Disasterpeace 

Original Soundtrack for "Alien", a short film by Ben Guez.

Parting from a quote by Chicana feminist Gloria E. Anzaldua about swimming in an "alien" element, the film chronicles an immigrant's return back across the border, and the impossibility of finding home.

REIGNS. Inspired by 13th century French composer Perotin as well as 12th century German mystic Hildegard Von Bingen, I composed four-part chants in different modes to characterize dynasties the player goes through. Also, for special occasions, I wrote music featuring medieval instruments such as lutes, viola de gamba, langeleik, and harp.

In collaboration with: Disasterpeace


MINI METRO. Using Disasterpeace’s procedural music system, I composed music for new cities: Seoul, San Francisco, Shanghai, Mumbai, Washington D.C., Stockholm, Singapore, and Istanbul.

In collaboration with: Disasterpeace