WIP. I am currently composing music for MIEGAKURE, a fascinating game that allows you to move in 4 different spatial dimensions to solve puzzles. This ability creates very interesting technical challenges when writing the music given different musical spaces are often sounding simultaneously…the solution: 4-D counterpoint!

In collaboartion with: Disasterpeace 

REIGNS. Inspired by 13th century French composer Perotin as well as 12th century German mystic Hildegard Von Bingen, I composed four-part chants in different modes to characterize dynasties the player goes through. Also, for special occasions, I wrote music featuring medieval instruments such as lutes, viola de gamba, langeleik, and harp.

In collaboration with: Disasterpeace


MINI METRO. Using Disasterpeace’s procedural music system, I composed music for new cities: Seoul, San Francisco, Shanghai, Mumbai, Washington D.C., Stockholm, Singapore, and Istanbul.

In collaboration with: Disasterpeace